• Vidalia

    Onions are much in evidence in the hushed, golden dining room of Vidalia, which itself is named after the Southern sweet variety. You’ll find them in a spread for the complimentary bread, in a rich hot soup and in the discreet artwork adorning the walls. But the restaurant’s raison d’être Read more [...]

  • Ted’s Bulletin

    The only problem with Capitol Hill’s go-to comfort food spot is that you’ll have to get your hung-over ass outta bed early to beat the Barrack’s Row brunch crowd. But of course the place is crowded: At Ted’s you’ll find breakfast served all day and plates that will make you Read more [...]

  • Ris

    Ris Lacoste, who earned her stellar reputation as former executive chef of Georgetown’s classic 1789, struck out on her own with this comfortable West End restaurant. (Pronunciation hint: Ris is short for Doris.) Neighbors, power players and the chef’s devotees fill the 200-some seats, spread over a bar, café, patio Read more [...]

  • Komi

    Johnny Monis is gathering quite a following for himself in his tiny Dupont Circle restaurant. Komi’s low-key dining room, a straight shot from front window to kitchen window, is home to some of the most adventurous eating in the city; the youthful chef is essaying New American cuisine with nods Read more [...]

  • Good Stuff Eatery

    DC claims several stars from the popular Top Chef tv cooking competition, and one of the most recognizable is Spike Mendelsohn. His fun, laid-back burger joint on Capitol Hill (right next to his We, The Pizza restaurant) is a favorite of Hill staffers and First Lady Michelle Obama. The Michelle Read more [...]

  • Equinox

    Chef Todd Gray is known for his emphasis on the seasonal and regional; Equinox’s three- to six-course tasting menu generally includes such delicacies as Chesapeake Bay crab, Carolina grouper and locally grown organic vegetables. The suited power brokers who frequent the place may or may not appreciate Gray’s efforts to Read more [...]

  • DC-3

    The team behind Matchbox and Ted’s Bulletin have another crowd-pleaser in DC-3, their hot dog joint on Capitol Hill. Named for the Douglas DC-3 air plane from the 1930s—which explains the giant vintage propeller on one wall—the counter-service restaurant dishes up a roster of regional hot dogs from around the Read more [...]

  • Bourbon Steak

    If you’re looking for a decadent splurge and a high probability of a celebrity sighting, head to this modern restaurant inside Georgetown’s Four Seasons hotel, where steaks are poached in butter and movie stars and power players rub shoulders. California-based chef Michael Mina opened a branch of his contemporary steakhouse Read more [...]

  • Birch & Barley

    Look for the line on the sidewalk in front of the glass garage door and you’ve found Birch & Barley and its raucous upstairs beer bar Churchkey. (The line is for the latter, though you’ll need a reservation for the dining room many nights.) Inside, a massive copper beer “organ” Read more [...]

  • Ben’s Chili Bowl

    Looking like a museum piece on the yuppified, buppified stretch of U Street once known as Black Broadway, Ben’s Chili Bowl, opened in 1958, is in no danger of mouldering away, thankfully. In fact, its claim to be a 100% wind-powered business makes it very contemporary. This family-owned institution’s appeal Read more [...]